For Speakers

In order to be considered for addition to our roster of speakers, please read the following Speaker FAQ’s and fill out the attached application form. Please note that along with filling out the application form, we ask that you mail a package including your presentation DVD to our office.

What experience does the management of the Speakers’ Bureau have?
Cathy, M.B.A. is an experienced events producer and marketing professional. Cathy understands the importance of promoting and delivering quality speakers to the marketplace.

How is your bureau promoted?
There are several ways in which we promote our bureau. Firstly, we have a solid, ongoing PR strategy in place. Secondly, we network via relevant associations and online forums. Thirdly, our team personally calls organizations and events that may be interested in our specific set of speakers. Finally, our bimonthly “Fly on the Wall” e-bulletin offers timely and dynamic updates on our current speakers as well as newcomers. Eventually, as our business grows, we will review print advertising opportunities.

Does your bureau show up on search engines?
It is our goal to rank within the top 10 hits on many of the major search engines. We purchase Google and Yahoo advertising every month to keep our rank.

You are an all-women’s speakers bureau. Does this mean you will only provide speakers to women’s events?
We are happy to provide speakers to events with male and female audiences. We do not exist to promote female speakers in lieu of male speakers; our goal – simply put – is to ensure that our clients have a complete picture of the dynamic speakers available in the market today.

Since you are an all-women’s bureau, will you pay special attention to topics specific to women’s concerns?
Absolutely. It is our intention to stay current with issues of particular concern to female audiences as well as to corporations focused on the specific advancement of women in the workplace. By visiting our ‘Women – Specific’ topic area, visitors can find a list of speakers who focus on women-specific concerns.

Will there be a cap on the number of Speakers that the bureau will represent?
We presently have approximately 150 speakers on our roster. Expansion of this roster will certainly take place, but in targeted response to both our assessment of market need (‘hot topics’) as well as our rate of business growth.

Are there any categories that are not currently accepting new speakers?
We are willing to consider all categories of speakers. But some areas are certainly more appealing to us than others at this time. These include: women on politics, world view experts, trends experts, business thought leaders, business leaders (both entrepreneurial stories as well as corporate executives), environmental leaders.