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Women blazed new trails then, and they blaze new trails now. Welcome to Outstanding Women Speakers, a place where powerful and original voices from across North America meet. Our speakers are more than speakers. The amazing women on this site share a passion for changing the world. No matter what their background or area of expertise, there is a strong and urgent pulse of energy they want to share.

Whether your company is seeking a powerful conference speaker, seminar speaker, or any other type of keynote presenter, we are proud to represent over 150 leading edge professionals. Outstanding Women Speakers is dedicated to connecting your company with the inspiration and expertise it seeks. We look forward to working with you!

Outstanding Women Speakers Incorporated™ is North America’s premier all-women’s speakers bureau. We have identified the top female voices of today and tomorrow. We provide the top motivators, leaders, experts and entertainers to both male and female audiences. Read testimonials from some of our valued customers.

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Cathy Pria, M.B.A. – President

Cathy Pria is President of Outstanding Women Speakers. With 20 years of experience in events production, communications, and marketing strategy, Cathy is aware of what it takes to execute a stellar production. She doesn’t just speak about excellent client service; she actually delivers it with great thought, sincerity and promptness. Cathy is dedicated to building a roster of speakers who are experts and leaders in their fields, especially those fields that need more top notch female representation.